Through our highly regarded, evidence based and beautifully curated Purposeful Leadership Programme, we resource leaders with the capabilities required to partner with the future. Leadership isn’t just about the challenges and opportunities you are experiencing today. It is about preparing for tomorrow.

Using our proprietary Purposeful Leadership™ methodologies, alongside new and innovative experiential learning models, we equip and support your leadership population, whether they are talented, aspiring leaders, or more seasoned Executives, to purposefully co-create the culture that your company, it’s stakeholders and the future needs.

The Purposeful Leadership Programme, is built to create and serve a better world.


Purpose is the differentiator between BAU leaders and those who co-create the future.

We develop leaders who aren’t solely obsessed with an insular view of the bottom line performance and BAU. They have the foresight, intelligence and courage to think creatively and courageously about the demands that an uncertain world places upon their business. We provide them with the cognitive, relational and emotional flexibility to be able to adapt and respond quickly in a VUCA world.


  • Future-back and purpose-driven content
  • Focus on adult ownership and resilience
  • Modular and customisable
  • Evidence and theory based
  • Remote and Face to Face elements
  • Experiential exercises based upon coaching philosophy
  • 6-12 months duration
  • Blended methodology including 1:1s, Group Coaching, Digital Self-Learning, Classroom, Hard Copy etc.
  • Ongoing data capture, insights and reporting
  • Commitment to co-design and building internal capability
  • Robust relationship and project management
  • Adjustable for new and seasoned leaders

Leadership development with measurable impact

Leaders have been developed so far
years of successful delivery
of programme participants felt that they had a better awareness of their leadership style, presence and influence.

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